Kristina Williams

Executive Director

Make A Way, Child Placing Agency is a Foster Care Agency that was founded in 2014 and officially opened in 2017. As a child who grew up in foster care, I am so happy to have the opportunity to give back to the same community that I grew up in. Helping children in foster care has been my passion and mission since my own foster mom, Mary Forrester helped me get my first job working in the field over 20 years ago. I am currently working on my Masters to become a LPC, so I can offer more services to our children in foster care.


Jhacci Rogers

Operations Director

Jhacci has been working in foster care since 2014 in support of my little sister Kristina, who aged out of the Texas foster care system alone. It is very important to me that brothers and sisters stay together while in foster care. The trauma children suffer from being away from their parents is hard enough to deal with; being separated from their siblings is truly traumatic. My goal is to help children and teens transition from chaos and uncertainty to a place where they have a sense of belonging, peace of mind and stability. Children need to know they are loved and cared for, even if it's just by one person. Our agency's goal is to Make A Way for foster children and their siblings to transition through the foster care system in homes filled with love and compassion that cater to their individualized needs.

Jolynn Ybarra is a prime example of how anyone can overcome the obstacles of being in foster care. She graduated with honors and was awarded Salutatorian for exemplary academic performance. We are so proud of her achievements and look forward to being a part of her future accomplishments..